Nov 2018
One full paper is accepted by AAAI 2019, about interaction-based text classification.

Cunxiao Du 

Philosophiae Doctor Candidate

School of Computing
Singapore Management University

80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902

Email: cnsdunm AT
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I am a second year Ph.D in Department of Computer Science at SMU, advised by Professor Jing Jiang and Dr. Zhaopeng Tu from Tencent AI Lab. I got my bacherlor degree at SDU (Shandong University), supervised by Dr. Liqiang Nie (salute you bro!). I also co-work with Dr. Wenjie (maggie) Li at Polyu@HK, really thanks to maggie for her kindly teaching.

My research focus on natural language processing. Specifically, I'm interested in Machine Translation, Text Classification, Question Answersing.

“If I turn toward a science not for external reasons such as earning an income, or for ambition, and also not—at least not exclusively—for the mere sportive joy and the fun of brain-acrobatics, then I must ask myself the question: what is the final goal that the science I am devoted to will and can reach? To what extent are its general results “true”? What is essential and what is based only on accident in its development?”


Singapore Management University (SMU)
Ph.D. in Computer Science                   July 2019 - Now, Singapore
Advisor: Prof. Jing Jiang
Shandong University (SDU)
Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology      Sep 2015 - June 2019, Shandong
Advisor: Prof. Liqiang Nie


Research Internship, Tencent AI Lab, November 2019 - Now
Advisior: Dr. Zhaopeng Tu
Research Assistant, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, November 2018 - May 2019
Advisior: Prof. Wenjie Li
Summer Intern, CoAI, Tsinghua University, June 2017 - August 2017
Advisior: Prof. Minlie Huang

First-Author Publications Google Scholar

In the Year of 2021:

Order-Agnostic Cross Entropy for Non-Autoregressive Machine Translation
Cunxiao Du, Zhaopeng Tu*, and Jing Jiang
ICML 2021 (Long Pre, Accept rate: 3.0%)
  • arXiv    • Codes    • Slides   
In the Year of 2019:

Explicit Interaction Model towards Text Classification
Cunxiao Du, Zhaozheng Chin, Fuli Feng, Zhu Lei, Tian Gan & Liqiang Nie
AAAI 2019 (Full Oral, Accept rate: 8.4%)
  • arXiv    • Codes    • Slides   

Professional Services

Invited Reviewer for Information Processing & Management (IP&M)


Explicit Interaction Model towards Text Classification   
- Cunxiao Du, Fuli Feng, Zhaozheng Chen, Yongqi Li, Xuemeng Song and Liqiang Nie
Learning to Score Diving Sports   
- Yongqi Li, Cunxiao Du, Junyu Lin, Tian Gan, Xuemeng Song and Liqiang Nie
Urban Perception: Sensing Cities via Deep Interactive Multi-task Learning   
- Liqiang Nie, Zhaozheng Chen, Cunxiao Du, Fuli Feng, Richang Hong, Meng Wang, Xin-Shun

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